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Indigenous Training
We believe in the transformative power of Indigenous training to foster understanding, respect, and collaboration. Our philosophy is rooted in the principles of cultural competence, reconciliation, and empowerment, guiding learners towards building meaningful relationships and creating positive change.

Experience the transformative power of Indigenous training with XA. Our courses are built upon a foundation of Indigenous knowledge and culture, embracing a strength-based, trauma-informed approach. Throughout our training programs, we seamlessly integrate Indigenous perspectives, effective adult learning methodologies, and community engagement. Partner with us to create meaningful learning experiences that honor Indigenous ways of knowing and empower individuals and communities on a journey of cultural resurgence and reconciliation.

At XA, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to excellence in Indigenous training. What sets us apart is our dedication to partnership with Indigenous communities, ensuring that every aspect of our content is relevant, respectful, and culturally appropriate. Through close collaboration and deep listening, we co-create training programs that authentically reflect Indigenous perspectives and values.

Our dynamic team of instructional designers and facilitators brings a wealth of lived experience and cultural insight to every project. With roots in Indigenous communities and a passion for learning and growth, they create engaging and impactful learning experiences that resonate with participants on a profound level. Whether it's through storytelling, experiential activities, or land-based learning, our team knows how to connect with learners and inspire meaningful change.

Behind the scenes, our client team works tirelessly to ensure the success of every engagement, no matter the size. From initial consultation to post-training support, they are dedicated to understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations. With a focus on communication, collaboration, and client satisfaction, they ensure that every training experience is seamless and effective.

At XA, we don't just deliver training – we empower individuals, strengthen communities, and foster positive change. Partner with us and experience the difference that our passion, expertise, and dedication can make in your Indigenous training journey, whether your project is large or small.

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Our facilitators and collaborators are integral members of the Indigenous communities we serve

We ensure our processes prioritize the voices of spiritual leaders. This enriches our approach, fostering positive and non-adversarial environments rooted in cultural insights.

Recognizing the value of meetings as significant investments of time and resources, our facilitation team is committed to achieving a balance between meeting objectives and inclusive participant engagement. With their engaging demeanor, extensive experience, and multilingual abilities, our team members ensure impactful and inclusive facilitation experiences.

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Michael Etherington

Indigenous Relations Consultant

Matt Adolphe

Senior Indigenous Facilitator and Subject Matter Expert

Lyle Hill

Indigenous Relations Consultant

Reg Potts

Indigenous Business Consultant

Meghan Hellstern

Facilitator and Instructional Designer

Angeline Mintz

Indigenous Relations Consultant

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