Mar 20, 2020
Case Study

A municipal transit organization

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The Challenge

The Experience Advisors were engaged to analyze our client’s customer service and experience landscape across four service delivery channels – phone, in-person, email, ambassador network – to improve service operations with actionable, data-driven recommendations.

Our Approach

To achieve these objectives, XA designed and completed several deliverables, including: 

  • Current State Assessment
  • Customer Satisfaction Assessment
  • KPI Benchmarking and Recommendation Report
  • Maturity Model and Recommendation Report 

As an extension of the project, we developed four data-driven customer personas to support future customer experience strategy work and marketing and communications. These personas were informed by primary research, including digital and in-person surveys (2,000+ responses) and 12 customer focus groups conducted by our team.

The Outcome

We delivered a service strategy that provided our client with a foundation to strategically execute incremental and large-scale transformative change through people, process, and technology advancements. Through our recommendations, we are proud to have helped them achieve a unified vision of service delivery excellence with prioritized actions to help them achieve their future state.