Case Study

An Ontario municipality

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The Challenge

The Experience Advisors were engaged to conduct a comprehensive review of the Town's service delivery and organizational structure, with the goal of developing a service delivery strategy that would improve efficiency, reduce duplicated services, and create efficiencies within existing jobs.

Our Approach

To achieve these objectives, XA’s approach focused on: 

  • reviewing analyzing the current state, 
  • defining a desired future state in collaboration with the Town to centralize and promote self-serve and leverage upgraded technology (CRM, phone, portal) to automate processes, and
  • developing a roadmap to achieve the get from the current state to the future state vision. 

We reviewed 7 lines of business and used a variety of tools and methods, including:

  • document review, 
  • financial analysis, staff engagement surveys and focus groups, 
  • leadership interviews, and 
  • citizen engagement.

The Outcome

Aligned to the service delivery review, we designed a customer service strategy with a corresponding action plan for implementation. The outcome of our work was a set of 66 recommendations that had estimated annual efficiency savings of 6,000 - 13,000 hours and estimated annual cost savings of $350,000 - $815,000. The Town Council was pleased with the final report, and we are proud to have helped achieve a more efficient, cost-effective, and quality service delivery.