Case Study

A national healthcare testing service provider

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The Challenge

The Experience Advisors were engaged to analyze how customers/patients interacted with their service via online, telephone, email, and in-clinic experiences across the client’s 80 clinics throughout Canada.

Our Approach

Over the course of 12-months, our team completed a rigorous assessment of all service channels through 60+ mystery shopping site visits, 25+ focus groups with key stakeholders, customer and employee surveys, and data analysis.  We created:

  • customer personas, 
  • detailed journey maps, and 
  • a new customer service mantra that informed how our client’s employees should provide customer experiences.  

The fundamental customer experience shift we helped our client to identify was to recognize that patients cared less about speed-of-traction as they did about the quality and consistency of care. Instead of focusing on “throughput” of patients, the internal KPIs and processes were shifted to help employees on earning and maintaining “trust” throughout the process.  

To change the mindset and behaviour of employees, we developed a robust 5-day training program where all front-line service agents participated in 3-days of interactive service training and all front-line managers participated in an additional 2-days of service management training. Training was delivered in-person across Ontario, B.C. and Saskatchewan and transitioned to virtual instructor-led during the pandemic and hosted on XA’s LMS, Brightspace. 

The Outcome

We were pleased to work with our client to provide training to over 3,400 staff. After approving and implementing XA’s service redesign recommendations and training, our client was able to attribute a 4% increase in net-promoter-score (NPS) results. Both employees and management recognized the skills they developed in the training helped them to create better patient experiences.